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The RANCH-Providing a Safe Haven Since 2001

The Ranch Ajijci

At the Tuesday Farmers' Market in La Huerta, we'll be outside at the entryway, with all sorts of gift items for your dog or a friend's pooch! Check us out!

Address: La Huerta Eventos | Carretera, Jocotepec lakeside No 522, Ajijic, HOURS: 10:00 to 12:30

All sales benefit Lakeside Spay & Neuter ("The Ranch")

Ranch Dog of the Week!

Dog of the Week, The Ranch


She's going places indeed…perhaps to your home, as your forever friend? A 3-year-old, "large side of medium" Lab mix, Bonnie attests to amazing acts of human kindness as well as the indomitable spirit that dogs can have. Rescued by Dr. Luis from the outskirts of Ixtlahuacan, Bonnie was barely alive. He brought her back to health, but we wondered if this had damaged her spirit. The answer? NO! Upon arriving at the Ranch this girl was immediately full of joy and excitement. She engaged in play with other Ranch dogs and accepted love and attention from our volunteers. Both Dr. Luis and Bonnie have huge hearts full of love – but only one of them is up for adoption – that would be beautiful bouncy BONNIE!

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